A$AP P on the Boards Interview with TISSUE Magazine

admin / 28 Oct, 2020

The soundwork courtesy of A$AP P On The Boards links aerial and raw audio vibrations through rhythms, with a unique and inspired hitmaking science. Immaculate addition of synths, kick and snare — there are successive phases which could be titled by Giovanni Marks’s leitmotif “Banger Banger On This One” and this, at will (s/o Get Crev Labs). As producer of A$AP Mob with A$AP Rocky as epicenter, A$AP P On The Boards produces with instinct: radically ahead and visionary, fully conscious about the capacity of sound to connect universally. With mastery, he produces and delivers frequencies with unlimited impact and highly ‘objective’ specificities (according to G.I.Gurdjieff’s ’Objective Art’ concept) and, deploys textures via multiple formats. From ’Bath Salts’ starring A$AP Mob and Flatbush Zombies to ‘L.Y.B.B (Resolution)’ starring A$AP Twelvyy, P on the Boards produces the required conditions of an instantaneous soundwork: absolute in its own excellence.

Visionary in terms of constitution of layers, his production is the continuation of a research process. Developing a constant reflection where image and sound are radically associated and disconnected, A$AP Mob and A$AP P on the Boards create the conditions of a cinematic act which leads to a non-narrative art, the essence of an innovative approach (according to G. Deleuze, association and disconnection of image and sound as cinematic act, lecture at FEMIS, 1972). As hitmaker he delivers on repeat the A$AP Mob audio signature in its rawest appearance and, on a larger scale, he is considered one of the best producers/executives to do it.

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