A$AP Twelvyy Interview with Lyrical Lemonade

admin / 04 Nov, 2020

The rate at just how fast the game moves can be mind blowing at times. It seems like it was just yesterday when everyone was bragging about how much they wanted to be signed to major records, and now a lot of artists are preaching about independency. The art of making your own and owning your own art is something that is being highly praised right now–even to the point of some of the major artists are threatening to leave their labels and go down the independent trail. That’s not to disrespect the artists who are currently signed to major labels and are doing their thing. There are definitely some labels out there that will take care of their artists and mean the best to their artists that are on the label. However, there are also a lot of artists who are currently in bad record deals, receiving terrible splits, and overall not getting the push that they deserve from their label they are signed to. For A$AP Twelvyy, he’s seen a lot, and he is one of the most recent artists to leave their major and go full Indie.

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