(Video) A$AP Twelvyy Guests on Bon Appétit’s From the Home Kitchen

admin / 10 Dec, 2020

Join Harold Villarosa (and special guest Hip Hop Philanthropist A$AP Twelvvy) at The Bronx Brewery as he makes steak okonomiyaki, a Japanese-style savory pancake. Okonomiyaki begins with dashi, a flavorful stock that Harold makes with locally-sourced kelp and dried mushrooms. While the dashi simmers, you can work on the steak and sauce. Harold uses NY strip steak for this recipe, but feel free to use whichever cut your heart desires. When it actually comes to making the okonomiyaki, mix the dashi into the batter followed by cabbage and scallion and then start making pancakes!

Via Bon Appétit.