New York Bittersweet Symphony (Lyrics)

@DomingoTutu / 24 Oct, 2011

This is my story, my struggle, uh
My bittersweet symphony, my pain, check it

[Verse 1]
Food getting lower, money coming slower
Damn land lord keep bitching cause you owe her
I’m too afraid to grow up, I pray to God I blow up
And roll up in something foreign where the front doors go up
I wonder if my peers could hear my prayers
The only nigga got me scared is the man upstairs
When my back against the wall, I’mma face my fears
I’ll swallow my pride ‘fore I swallow a tear
Cause I be going hard, Stevie on his job
I’m praying until something happen, I’m answering to God
These wolves got me scarred
I try so hard to survive, guess just to prosper gotta strive

[Verse 2]
Then I hit the stage, all gone and blazed
Everybody know my name and the song I sing
I rejoice my pain and they doing the same
And the haters gonna hate, I’m just doing my thing
Got my bad bitch with me she so dangy
Said she love ASAP cause we so tangy
Living life fast so I feel like kids
And I’m blowing up fast so I feel like B.I.G
With the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
Now we doing deals with the major businesses
Get a little change, niggas feel a little strange
Uh-oh truck flow, pull off in a range
Niggas say I changed but I’m living it up
Shit if money didn’t change you, you ain’t getting enough
Fuck coppin a car, I’m Tryna fly to the stars
Smooth on the moon and I be mobbing to mars
Niggas say I’m ill, y’all ain’t telling me shit
Nights that I cried, y’all ain’t help me with shit
Ooh money change drastic, flew through gymnastic
The doors lift up and the roof do a back flip
Zooming through traffic, probably with a bad bitch
Slash actress and we on our way to Saks Fifth
Life was so tragic, all of that was past tense
Now I’m living lavish, this got to be magic

If I should die before I wake
Pray the lord my soul to take
As I lay me down to sleep
Pray the lord I rest in peace

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