Brand New Guy (Feat. Schoolboy Q) (Lyrics)

@DomingoTutu / 02 Nov, 2011

[Verse 1: Asap Rocky]
I’m camo down to my boxers
Gold teeth, A Bathing Ape
There’s animals in my projects
Like monkeys, orangutans
Banana clip on that choppa
I hold heat, bangas bang
Better keep the peace
That Lil B brrrangadang
I dont care if you blue or you red flaggin
Head swingin my pants saggin
Hoes all on my band wagon
Your bitch gaggin, she jet laggin
All my cuz, niggas whats crackin
All my bloods, niggas whats poppin
I ain’t set trippin, I just happen
To know who click clackin, you mismatching
Fuck swagga, you been jackin
Fuck fly, I am fashion
Tryna cop that Benz wagon
My bitch drive it and my friends crash it
Niggas threat with the chit chattin
See a nigga don’t shit happen
I’m finna blow, and I’m Bin Laden
So talk money, pig latin (suck my fuckin’ dick bitch)

[Hook] x2
Brand new clip, brand new 9
Brand new bitch, brand new ride
Brand new weed, brand new high
Brand new me meet the brand new guys

[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
3, 4, 5 be the big toy
Now which nigga wanted with the fat boy
Clipped up like I’m paranoid
High as hell nigga Fitzroy
Pulled off through the city like erk erk
Seen a whole nigga like erk erk
Hopped up on a nigga like merk
Put that pussy nigga in a purse
You wouldn’t be the first
Covering with dirt
Put them in the ground niggas down to earth
Knocked up nigga I’ve been down since birth
Backpack full of random work
With two bad hoes, I’ll teach you how to jerk
Teach you how to jerk, swaggin in my J’s
Pop me a pill and throw that pussy array
My prerogative ways
Nappy gin heads with the brand new fade
Brand new nigga with a brand new V
Sold that bitch out should have made that hole bigger
Killing charisma, these cupcakes remember
My objective is to serve your agenda
Biggie and Nas, put they ass in a blender
Sprinkle some 50 and came out this nigga
Equipped with a gat and a dick in your mouth
Balls in my hands and your bitch in my house
Twisting up weed, diggin her out
Just feelin her out
Do all that shit you be talkin about
While you gone, shit, Netflix on your couch
What this poppin about
Microwave oven while you out there cuffin
You over there lovin
That bitch be my stuffin
Like like we really be fuckin

[Hook] x2
Brand new clip, brand new 9
Brand new bitch, brand new ride
Brand new weed, brand new high
Brand new me meet the brand new guys

[Schoolboy Q]
Brand new shirt to the brand new drawls
Brand new socks to the brand new glock
This mothafucka hold 15s
Slap that hole in til the clip get lost
Bitch I’mma boss
Pulled up clean, don’t you hear the exhaust
Got my tire on
Grippin my iron
Who I’m gonna fire on

[ASAP Rocky]
Rap game fucked up, boi
Fuck you think I rap for
Crack game fucked up, boi
Fuck you think I trap for
Ridin around that mask on
Like a mac attack when that strap on
Like a Shaq attack when that backboard
Clap on, clap off

[Schoolboy Q]
Blue pit in my backyard
[ASAP Rocky]
Red nose my bad broad
[Schoolboy Q]
Titan full of that hydro
[ASAP Rocky]
Pretty nigga, no catwalk
[Schoolboy Q]
Big burnin yo big mouth
[ASAP Rocky]
Pussy niggas suck that off
[Schoolboy Q]
Pulled up, then scurred off
Flocka shots he smeared off
[ASAP Rocky]
40 ounce of that crystal
Rozay that Rick Ross
[Schoolboy Q]
Got it jumpin like Kris Kross
[ASAP Rocky]
Mixmatchin, no jigsaw
[Schoolboy Q]
No horseplay when we quick draw
[ASAP Rocky]
Pussy nigga get a tip jar
[Schoolboy Q]
Hands up, stick your mans up
Your times up, the new brands up

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