Kissin’ Pink (Feat. ASAP Ferg) (Lyrics)

@DomingoTutu / 02 Nov, 2011

She’s all that I want (x4)

[Bridge 1]
Shes all that I want shes all that I need
I’m fillin yo cup up with sprite and codeine
She get me so high but I’m down on my knees
Was it your desire your life or that lean

Wait a minute cause ain’t shit changed just a different day
This the kinda pain I just couldn’t take away
Somethin like Wayne cause you couldn’t feel your face
Is you in it for the feelin or the taste wait a minute

[Verse 1: ASAP Rocky]
What’s the muthafuckin problem me and my niggas mob
Throwin up gang signs fuck a goon and a goblin
Gold grill shinin don’t ask me how I got em
Styrofoam cups with jolly ranchers at the bottom


[Verse 2: ASAP Ferg]
Heey and now im blowin hella smoke
Talkin on my cellaphone and I got that purple on me
She sippin on my styrofoam cup
Tellin me she wanna bone but I ain’t got no condoms on me
She claimin I’m a Pimp C
Cause I’m sippin big mo when im on that screw juice
She sip it till its empty
Purple on the mustache now its time to screw you
And I wanna chop and screw you girl
Movin like its turtle time feelin like the world is my mine, mine
And I be on my Frankenstein
I stay on my money grind and I’m goin out of my mind
Flyin through the purple sky
And I’m in a different world and you kinda look like jasmine guy
And im kissin on that pink juice sippin on that pimp juice


[Bridge 2]
Wait a minute
You can smoke that weed
You can sip that lean get high

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