(Video) A$AP Ant Interview with Jungle Gym Magazine

admin / 16 Jul, 2012

A$AP is one of the most talked about breakthrough groups in the hip-hop game right now. They’ve garnered acclaim for their “trill” ways, sipping lean, choppin’ ‘n screwin’ songs, and being the only crew from NY to rap with a Houston influenced flow. A$AP Rocky broke the mold for said camp and put them on the map, but ever since there hasn’t been a crew member to step up and lay it down like Rocky did. That is, until now… The youngest in the Uptown collective, A$AP Ant’s been holding it down on the mic and his ready to show fans that he’s next up. What makes Ant aka the “Baby Goon” stand out is his distinctive Baltimore accent and his explicit lyrics on songs like “Coke & White Bitches” and “Told Ya“. Ant’s the only rapper out of the Mob that isn’t from Harlem, and while Rocky is readying for his debut album and the other Mob members are prepping a group LP, he’s dominating the net and increasing his buzz with his infectious songs and choruses. He’s already enlisted his hometown partner Young Shaka, as the two are set to release a mixtape entitled Back 2 Back. Another upcoming joint tape with World’s Fair’s Remy Banks and Juice of the Flatbush Zombies is also in the works. Ant makes himself easily distinguishable amongst the group as a whole and the A$AP fans are eating it up, embracing him as the Juelz Santana to Rocky’s Killa Cam. We sat down with Ant and spoke to the youngin’ about joining A$AP, growing up and his goals for the future. After the jump’s where it’s at.

Via Jungle Gym Magazine.