A$AP Rocky Interview with Vibe

admin / 05 Dec, 2012

The A.S.A.P. in A$AP Rocky can mean a lot of things. There’s the common break down: As Soon As Possible; the one that incorporates the money sign best: Always Strive and Prosper; the bad-ass definition: Assassinating Snitches and Police; and the Harlem rapper’s personal favorite: Acronym Symbolizing Any Purpose.

A$AP Rocky raps about purple kush and that purple Southern rap elixir on “Purple Swag,” a track off his debut mixtape LiveLoveA$AP. He raps about “Purple Kisses” on the debut A$AP Mob mixtape, ‪Lord$ Never Worry‬, but the 24-year-old had a different purple in mind at VIBE’s recent V-Mix concert. For “Acronym-Symbolizing-Any-Purpose” Rocky, the color “purple” symbolizes his “new revolution” — that everybody “is equal as a generation” and “it’s up to us to stop that racist shit on some real shit.” Check out A$AP Rocky’s serious conversation with VIBE on all things purple backstage at the V-Mix concert, along with footage of his performance with cameos from the rest of the A$AP Mob hip-hop collective and Busta Rhymes.

Watch interview on Vibe.