UPC.FM’s Review of ‘LONG.LIVE.A$AP’

admin / 14 Jan, 2013


Two years ago, Rakim Mayers, known to us as A$AP Rocky, was just another young, up-and-coming emcee out of Harlem hidden from the rapidly moving hip-hop community. Murmurs of his $3 million deal with RCA and his influence on Drake’s sophomore album Take Care not only created great anticipation for him as an artist but also brought great skepticism for Live.Love.A$AP. However, A$AP Rocky’s brash, braggadocios style of lyricism joined with the ethereal production of A$AP Ty Beats and Clams Casino launched Rakim’s career to unbelievable heights, pushing Live.Love.A$AP to well-deserved critical acclaim. Although 2012 was an astronomically successful year for him, A$AP Rocky and his future as a mainstream artist lingered in uncertainty due to the ever-delayed release of his debut album (moved from July 4th  September 24th, October 31st, to an unknown time in early 2013). After much scrutiny and criticism, though, Long.Live.A$AP is finally going to be unveiled to all January 15th, 2013 and silence those who questioned A$AP Rocky’s ability to be anything more than a style icon.

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