(Video) Forever Ferg Documentary

admin / 24 Feb, 2018

From ventures into apparel to crafting fine art, musicians are exploring what it truly means to be an “artist,” finding where the worlds of music, art, style, and sports collide. Harlem’s own A$AP Ferg is no exception.

Carrying on the legacy of the name “Ferg,” Darold Ferguson, Jr., better known as A$AP Ferg, has emerged as the latest face in multifaceted creativity, bridging the gap between high-brow art and youthful street culture.

Follow along as MTN DEW® Green Label, in celebration of MTN DEW® Kickstart, delves into the evolution of the man and the making of the mogul in Forever Ferg, a documentary short film told through the words and perspective of A$AP Ferg throughout the various stages of his life — also featuring appearances by frequent collaborators Shomi Patwary and Pro Era’s Kirk Knight.

Via Green Label.