A$AP Rocky Covers Esquire UK November Issue

admin / 18 Oct, 2018

We were cautioned about Rocky. That he might be tired or distracted at the end of the day, and I might get a half-hour out of him at best. But so far, things are going swimmingly. We’re at Milk Studios in West Hollywood, the two of us alone in this giant white cube of a room. The evening sun’s pouring through the skylight, as our voices echo off the walls, and his assistant Isabel comes by to say his weed won’t get here for an hour or so, but as luck would have it, I have a vape pen in my bag. So we’re all good.

Best of all, though, Rocky is talking about group sex. And that never happens in celebrity interviews. Even just among guys, orgies are a topic to work up to, you don’t just dive in. But Rocky likes talking about sex. He has rather a lot of it. So it wasn’t quite item one on the agenda, but it was close. We’ve only been sitting here six minutes or so.

I asked about his house, that’s how it started. He owns a mansion in Beverly Hills, on one of those picturesque boulevards that abut West Hollywood. “I interior-decorated the whole fucking thing,” he says. “It’s all in the style of Tim Burton and Wes Anderson.” He’s been a huge Burton fan since he saw The Nightmare Before Christmas when he was four.

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