Demons (Lyrics)

@DomingoTutu / 02 Nov, 2011

I just, I just live, I live day by day
Fighting demons

[Verse 1]
I smoked away my brain, I think I’m going dumb
Cocaine up on my gums, I think they’re going numb
I’m having stomach pains, now I’m throwing up
Cause I’m a microphone fiend, give me the bass
Give me the beat, and let me lean, tap the vein, let it stream
Feel the pain, Young Martin Luther King, with a dream
That one day that my team, we can make it with this rapping
Now we swagging, making money in Manhattan straight what’s happening
They try to intellect with indirection just to test you
A rebel until my death, it’s in my flesh, it’s in my vessels
Fuck the clique you with, I’m finna fuck the bitch you next to
Fuck a metrosexual, suck a dick, I’m disrespectful
You know the kid get it, get-get sick spit
Clip spit quick split shit hit kids women
Oh that’s your girl huh? Well, I just hit it
It’s ASAP nigga, live with it

Demons posted all around me, I can’t beat ‘em all alone
These demon thoughts they start to drown me, won’t they leave me all alone

Aw, yeah, aw, yeah, let the beat chill
Hipster by heart, but I can tell you how the streets feel


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